lol um

My db is stuck on this map. 

I’ve tried to use all teleporting methods, none worked. I’m stuck here and there’s 2x tomorrow. Great.

Please help :((((


cute lil jam sesh

2 weapons perfected in 2 days 

ty red shop and the 30+ safety scrolls ty



i like this big rock

maplestory is fucking stupid and 2x is fucking stupid


Honestly Olive…

Should I even bother to buy the all-star coupons to get the first hair?



new main omfG


Um I need friends in Windia pls

Ign: Pasteliy (Pastelly)

Holla @ me 

i kno ur fucking scared rite now 


Drawn by Cherulean from Basilmarket :3 


HaPpPyyyy Halloween maplestory